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Adam Metherell

Adam Metherell 





Adam has worked in eCommerce for businesses of all  sizes, his skillset especially applicable for companies wanting to go from small to medium or medium to large. His work with is a great example of taking a business from a small garage sized operation to being valued at millions of dollars and sold accordingly. Working with Milan Direct, he helped a medium sized business double its revenue over 4 years before it was able to be sold to the Temple & Webster group as part of its IPO in 2015.

Strengths include:

- eCommerce/Digital Strategy
- Google Analytics assessment and improvements
- Website optimisation
- Project Management
- Database cleansing
- System integration and improvement

Previous Highlights:

- Business growth as outlined above
- Helping establish an eCommerce approach for Clive Peeters (including bringing company owned and franchise owned stores online)
- SAP B1 scoping, implementation & growth
- Working with Digital Marketing teams to help increase conversion rates significantly for a website with over 20,000 daily hits.
- Setting up and opening physical stores for eCommerce companies.
- Database building from 800 to 6000 within 3 months




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