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Retainer Services

Crystal Consulting offers a wide range of monthly services to keep your your online presence in the digital world on track. We simplify it and take the guess work out of it for you.

Leave us the boring bits so you can reap the rewards!


SOCIAL MEDIA - $350 per Month


We can take care of your social media accounts from as little as $- a month. At Crystal Consulting, we have a trusted team who will undertake all of your posting and social media engagement across various platforms.


- Regular posting 
- Creating engagement among followers



DIGITAL MARKETING - Silver (Enquire)
We devise strategies to drive online traffic to your company website so you can get the revenue. 
The silver package includes 3 main search campaigns based around location, product & decision driver. From there, an appropriate number of ad groups will be created and ads written to be specific to those campaigns and ad groups to ensure as good of a quality score & CTR as possible. This helps increase traffic & reduce CPC at the same time. 
A Google Shopping campaign can also be setup to sell specific products through the Google Shopping network. This includes setting up a Merchant Account and product feed either integrated through your website depending on your CMS or a Google Sheet feed if integration is not the best course of action. 
A Facebook marketing campaign can be setup if you have a business account. We can also set up a business account for you if required for a $50 fee. We will then create a marketing campaign once a fortnight with specificly targeted demographics using interest groups, age, gender & location. 
The ongoing work with these accounts is what helps set us apart, we do anywhere between 3-4 hours a week on analyzing & optimizing the campaigns. This includes bid adjustments & negatives based on the most profitable times, genders, device types & locations. It also includes looking at spreading out the budget in the most profitable manner by increasing the times and terms to bid up on and those to bid down on or remove all together. We work closely within you analytics account to balance this on a macro & bigger picture level 


Similar to the above, though this includes 6-8 hours per week on analyizing, optimizing & constantly creating and testing new campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads. This is where we can really do the bulk of the optimizing work and strongly suggested for businesses who are getting more than 250 visitors a day. It is the difference between doing a pretty good job of online and competing in the same space as the bigger players with the bigger budgets. 
Constant ad improvement alone has seen CTR improve by over 60% in a 6 month period, whilst getting the CPC down by over 25% from having relevant ads that have an above average CTR.
Gold level marketing also includes a Facebook/Instagram campaign once a week, with a higher level of analysis put on the referral information that comes through Google Analytics to get the most ROI from your campaigns.
Our Gold level package also includes creating a Display/Remarketing campaign. These are the ads that you see when you visit websites that show you images of products or websites that you have recently seen. 



Leave all the jargon to us. We track conversion rates via Google Analytics and will continuously make improvements to your site, making sure your content is up to date and reaching your targeted audiences. 
We will continue to make improvements to the site and report on things such as conversion rate, checkout exits, goal conversions and most other metrics you could want. We will custom create the goals you are trying to record through the site so we can properly track the effectiveness of the marketing styles in line with the sites performance. This includes looking at where people fall out of the funnel (either site goal or transactional) based on location, device or other targeted demopgrahic information. We then look to implement optimizations to improve this.
Website maintenance also includes us uploading up to 15 new products a month. If you have more than this, we can work out an ad-hoc fee for this to be done. 
In total, the analysis and optimisation of the sites performance is 3 hours a week. Extra work can be done in a sprint scenario if there is much more than the 3 hours done and you would like it done that week. We will also spend an hour a week looking for any errors that can happen to websites as they are often have constantly moving parts. We will also fix any of this issues up to 2 hours per week (or however long it takes if it is a human error from our end)  


EMAIL MARKETING - $450 per Month

 We know how to reach audiences and they love us. Let us show you how email marketing can speak for you and your company. 

Our email marketing preferences are to use either MailChimp or Campaign Monitor. We create integrations with your website to help increase sign up by using our experience in creating forms & pop ups that convert at a higher than average rate and then use that information to target consumers with abandoned cart emails, as well as creating consumer journey email chains depending on the CMS & client you prefer. 
The EDM side contains 2 newsletter templates designed and a newsletter created and scheduled to send once per week. Input is often required from yourself to help keep us up to date with sales or new items.


SEO - Contact Us

At Crystal Consulting, we take SEO seriously and that's why we have partnered with a specialised agency to help us, help you deliver the results you need.



Sign up to any 2 services to get 10% off your retainer fees for the month. Retainer services can be amended on a month-to-month basis, or you can use Crystal Consulting on a "when you need us" method, which comes at a cost of $120 an hour.

Crystal Consulting Club

Be part of the club! For $1100 a month, you will get the following services

- Social Media Management & Engagement
- Digital Marketing Package
- Website Maintenance & Reporting
- Newsletter Strategy & Delivery
- Enhanced Reporting & Business Analysis.

Please contact us if you are interested in taking up any of the retainer services, have a question regarding SEO or want to be part of the Club!


Note: All prices quoted above are EX GST & are applicable for SME's. Crystal Consulting offer tailored approaches for large and enterprise level businesses and would love to come in and discuss the possibilities with you.