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Why Crystal Consulting?


I have been asked many times why I would start up this business and I thought the easiest answer would be to put it all down on this page, so here we go!

Throughout many (currently 9) years of working with businesses that were in one way or another ahead of their time, I was very lucky to be at the forefront of a lot of digital changes that meant that businesses could operate either more efficiently, to a wider range of customers or in some cases both. When the company I worked for moved up to Sydney and I decided the traffic there is more than I can handle, it was summer and I was excited to have some time off to make the most of the good weather and the cricket on the TV. 

Before too long, I was going into a few businesses a few days a week to help them. The core questions that business owners were wanting to know were the following

- Am I doing as well as I can be?
- How is X business doing better than we are. 
- We are working so hard, how can other people be doing better. 

This range of questions all pointed to a similar answer. Data. IF you get your data and your processes correct, these questions start to answer themselves. Most of the initial conversations were about businesses wanting to be better online, but evolved to business owners just wanting to be better in general.

I realised that the things I had taken for granted as "normal procedure" in my previous roles were not as common knowledge as I had believed and so started Crystal Consulting. It is a bespoke approach to management consultancy. It is committed to making sure that we understand what your business is for, what you really want to be able to do and to use our experience to either help you work towards those goals or if you are unsure of what is possible, to help you figure out what your goals may be. 

This approach for us is strongly focused around the digital. Whilst we do have experience opening and running showrooms, training up sales staff, working in HR styled management roles & running events it is the approach to digital and data that is where people are needing the help. Proper data integrity in databases and reporting procedures are terms I never thought I would be so excited to say, though now every client has a day 0 for data integrity (where their data is now considered "clean") and they are often the most exciting days of the process. From that day onward, in depth sales and purchasing reports can help drive decisions every day, time can be saved by automating data input processes and systems can be integrated to further increase efficiency and accuracy. The same clean then improve can be said for websites. Working with clients existing setups to analyse where it is working and where it isn't, fixing up the problems and then working on marketing strategies to drive more traffic to a highly productive website is our preferred approach which has already seen incredible results. 

So, to answer the question "Why start Crystal Consulting?" - There is a whole heap of people out there that are working incredibly hard and want to do well. If they are given the right guidance and advice they will get there and we believe we can give that guidance and advice, we exist to help businesses reach their potential.

Thank you for reading.

Adam Metherell

Director of Crystal Consulting

Clients currently being served:,,, and many more!