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Digital Auditing & Health Check

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A digital health check is the first step towards figuring out what Crystal Consulting can do for you. 

We go through your website, looking at the analytics (setting it up if it is not there yet) and then have a look through the back end of the website platform to get an idea of what you are trying to achieve with the site and who you are trying to achieve it with. We then have a conversation with you where we put forward our impressions and figure out if your current goals are in line with that. 

From there we discuss what you want to do with the site and we work with you and your existing set up to use our knowledge and experience to help you achieve those goals. We can put in any quick changes to help achieve some short term goals and discuss potential to for Crystal Consulting & yourself moving forward or if we think that after the health check you are well on your way to achieving your digital goals.

The process takes roughly 4-5 hours depending on the breadth of the site and the current analytical setup, however we will only need about 45-60 minutes of your time during the process whilst we work out what your goals are and how the site is currently running. 


*Access to Google Analytics accounts and website backends are required to do this thoroughly, though we can work with limited access and still offer a valuable insight.

**With our quick one week turnaround, you will be sure to be reaching your online audiences sooner, rather than later.